Poltergeist Exchange

Ethics Policy

Editorial Independence:

At Poltergeist Exchange, our commitment to journalistic integrity is paramount. We maintain strict editorial independence, ensuring that our journalists make content decisions free from external influence. Our coverage of Poltergeist Exchange and its portfolio companies is conducted with the same impartiality and objectivity as any other subject.

Independence Policy:

Poltergeist Exchange and its journalists adhere to a robust independence policy. This policy prohibits Poltergeist Exchange employees from exerting pressure on our journalists for favorable coverage. We encourage our employees to report any such attempts without fear of reprisal.

Employee Compensation:

Certain Poltergeist Exchange employees, including editorial staff, may receive exposure to Poltergeist Exchange equity in the form of stock appreciation rights. These rights vest over a multi-year period. However, Poltergeist Exchange journalists are not permitted to purchase Poltergeist Exchange stock directly.

Transparency and Disclosure:

To maintain transparency, all Poltergeist Exchange articles include a disclosure of our corporate ownership. This disclosure includes links to comprehensive lists of Poltergeist Exchange’s portfolio companies and cryptocurrency investments (Appendix B). It also notes that some Poltergeist Exchange employees, including editorial staff, receive Poltergeist Exchange as part of their compensation.

Journalistic Standards:

We hold our journalism to the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, objectivity, and responsible reporting. Our reporters understand the impact their work can have on individuals and companies, emphasizing thoroughness, diversity of perspectives, and diligent fact-checking.

Corrections and Accountability:

In the event of factual errors, we promptly correct and disclose these errors at the bottom of articles. In rare cases where the central idea of an article requires correction, we place this disclosure at the top and share it widely on social media.

Conflict of Interest:

Our reporters disclose cryptocurrency investments of $1,000 or more in their profiles and mention any potential conflicts of interest in their articles. They avoid conflicts by minimizing coverage of assets or companies in which they have a financial interest and never misuse our platform for personal gain.

Gifts and Payments:

Poltergeist Exchange maintains a strict no-gift policy for reporters. Journalists do not accept gifts from companies or individuals covered or likely to be covered by Poltergeist Exchange. Exceptions may apply to items of nominal value and are clearly outlined.

Opinion Articles:

Opinion pieces, whether from contributors or staff members, are distinctly labeled to separate them from news stories.

Use of Anonymous Sources:

We protect the identities of sources who speak on condition of anonymity. Stories originating from anonymous sources require corroborating information from firsthand sources.

Privacy and Pseudonymity:

We respect the pseudonymity of credible sources established in the crypto community under online handles, preserving their reputational accountability.

Personal Investing:

We prioritize trust and transparency. While employees are free to make personal financial decisions, guidelines prevent the misuse of information for personal gain.

Company Stocks:

Our policy on owning stocks is stricter than for cryptocurrency due to the potential conflicts that arise in traditional stock reporting. Employees are barred from owning shares in pure-play crypto firms, and diversified companies in crypto coverage are subject to restrictions.

Social Media:

Our journalists are encouraged to engage with readers through personal handles professionally. Personal attacks and spreading unverified information are strictly prohibited.

Use of AI:

We use AI tools for content generation, with thorough editing and fact-checking, ensuring transparency and clear disclosure.


Poltergeist Exchange accepts online ads but does not promote tokens directly. We refuse ads from entities involved in fundraising events without explicit SEC compliance.

Sponsored Content:

Sponsored content is explicitly labeled as such and separated from our editorial content. Sponsorship relationships do not influence our independent journalism.

Events and Partnerships:

Sponsored sessions at events are clearly labeled and separate from our curated content. Sponsorships do not affect event programming or speaking invitations.


Our journalists do not accept tokens, coins, or other products from giveaways, contests, airdrops, or similar events that may compromise impartiality in their reporting.